Cube service for earth observation data exploitation

Kick-start your Earth Observation Application

Get the integrated power of Sentinel Hub and xcube via one API
Analysis Ready Data at your disposal
Use continuously updated data sets from a wide range of imagery providers, tailored to your specific needs!
"Bring-your-own" data and algorithms
Enhance the provided data with your own, provide custom algorithms and store computation results!
Customize your data pipeline
On-the-fly generation with instant delivery, asynchronous mass processing, data cube technology for resource intense use cases - you choose the workflow!
Collaborate on the Marketplace
Use the marketplace to build on existing products and bootstrap your solution - share your knowledge, promote your work or even sell with a single click!
Use a template for your use case
Browse through illustrative thematic use cases and use them to bootstrap your application!
Connect your tools
Our service is following Open Geospatial Consortium standards towards full interoperability - use your existing tool set for discovery, view and download!


Deployed apps using Euro Data Cube's services

OGC Service Demonstration

OGC service layer including client-side EOxC browser connected with Euro Data Cube's backend.


  • Euro Data Cube
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NDVI Timeline Viewer

Simple configurable NDVI timeline viewer using backend functionality as provided by Euro Data Cube.

The customer is able to deploy this app with a custom polygon as AOI. For this example, the setting POLYGON ((11 42, 11 42.1, 11.1 42.05, 11 42)) was used.


  • Euro Data Cube
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Simple web application demonstrating Euro Data Cube's backend capabilities for LPIS sharing and conformity assessment using a small sample region in Austria. Please find further information on the project page.


  • Euro Data Cube
  • Euro Data Cube - geoDB
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Propositions you can rely on

Build your services upon Euro Data Cube's technologies and business enablers
Client Data Processing Engine
Client Data Processing Engine (CDPE), client-side processing of Cloud-optimized GeoTiffs (COGs) directly in the web browser.
On-the-fly data cube access
Our on-the-fly data cube access service is powered by Sentinel Hub
Mass processing service
We offer mass processing Sentinel Hub services with asynchronous response
Pre-generated data cubes
Versatile pre-generated data cubes (xcube), based on xarray like the CEOS Open Data Cube, Pangeo, and other leading data cube initiatives

Service Pricing

Combine Euro Data Cube's powerful services to meet your demands

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